52 Ways to Be Well

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52 Ways to Be Well

52 ways to be well

Last year,  I was really interested in what it would take to be well on a consistent basis. So I did a Wellness Challenge. Each week, I chose a new wellness practice to focus on. I paid extra attention to how I felt when I intentionally set aside time to practice being well. At the beginning of the next week, I recorded my findings and some more information about that specific practice in my 2013 Wellness Challenge update on the blog.

I never really finished that out at the end of the year, so a recap is in order.

Below you’ll find 52 different ways to be well. Not all of them will work for you. The trick is to find the ones that feel really good without making you feel like you have to do the work.

At the same time, be careful that you don’t confuse willpower with laziness. When adding a new practice into your life, there will always be a battle in the mind. You’d rather not do your meditation because you’re too tired, you’re too busy, you’ve got other things to do. The excuses can go on and on. There may be a fight to get to the meditation cushion, but if you feel really great afterwards, you’ll know the fight was worth it. On the other hand, if you’re kicking and screaming all the way to, during, and after your wellness practice, you’ll know it’s probably not sustainable for you and your lifestyle.

Pick and choose. Have some fun. Be aware. Be well.

  1. Do Nothing
  2. Practice Yoga
  3. Drink Water
  4. Drink Green Smoothies
  5. Breathe
  6. Cleanse
  7. Meditate
  8. Stretch
  9. Practice Compassion
  10. Make Your Bed
  11. Enjoy Tea
  12. Cook at Home
  13. Reconnect with Friends & Family
  14. Take a Walk
  15. Light a Candle
  16. Take a Break
  17. Take a Nap
  18. Journal
  19. Read a Book
  20. Be Grateful
  21. Think Positive
  22. Listen
  23. Get a Massage
  24. Go Upside Down
  25. Create a Healthy Home Spa
  26. Let Go
  27. Read Your Horoscope
  28. Be Beautiful 
  29. Cool Down
  30. Food Journal
  31. Dry Brush
  32. Connect
  33. Love
  34. Create
  35. Practice Contentment
  36. Be Honest
  37. Give Yourself an Oil Self-Massage (Abhyanga)
  38. Listen to Music
  39. Play
  40. Be Spontaneous
  41. Bake
  42. Clean
  43. Eat Mindfully
  44. Say Yes
  45. Take Cold Showers
  46. Give Instead of Take
  47. Serve Your Community
  48. Dance
  49. Spend Time in Nature
  50. Fail
  51. Express Yourself
  52. Go To Bed Early
  53. BONUS: Repeat 🙂

You’ll see toward the end, my focus shifted away from the recaps, which was one of the reasons I felt a recap here would help.

Do you have a wellness practice you love? Share it with me over on Facebook!

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