back and neck pain

image credit: ericarhiannon

The areas of the body that often hold the most tension are some of the hardest parts of the body to stretch. We use our back and neck frequently throughout the day, often in compromising situations. We may be slouching in a chair with poor posture while we work, or gazing down at a computer screen causing strain on the neck. This often results in back and neck pain that is not only irritating and uncomfortable but sometimes causes us to miss out on fun activities!

It’s no wonder many of us feel physical fatigue at the end of a work day. Our muscles are maxed out from improper use. Stretching and strengthening the back with yoga is a good way to prevent and manage pain and soreness. If you find yourself with aches in your back and/or a stiff neck, try one of these stretches along with deep breathing for some relief.

For longer term relief from back and neck pain, consider making lifestyle changes to the way you work and operate on a daily basis. Sit on a medicine ball to ensure you’re using your core throughout the day as you sit at your desk. For your neck, elevate your computer screen so that the screen is at eye level and you don’t have to look down to see what you’re working on. You can invest in a stand or you can stack up a bunch of books.

Now, give yourself 20 minutes to stretch and watch your back and neck pain disappear.