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Celebrate small wins

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Today I want you to take some time to reflect over the last month. What small changes have you been able to make in your life? It’s time to celebrate your small wins!

It’s important to recognize and acknowledge the small wins, as the large ones are often not as obvious. True positive transformation happens over the course of many months, and it’s the compounding of small wins over time that consistently rack up and lead to the big goal.

If you don’t take some time to acknowledge and celebrate small wins, you’ll feel like you’re never making any progress.

What counts as a small win?

Small wins are as simple as completing an activity every single day. For example, I set a goal for myself to meditate for 5 minutes every day this week. Every time I sit down on the meditation cushion and set the timer is a win because it brings me one step closer to implementing a healthy habit in my life.

Consistency can be a win. If you make it through an entire week performing your healthy activity that you’re trying to turn into a habit, celebrate!

How do you celebrate small wins?

What does a celebration look like? Well, celebrations are anything that helps you nourish your body and feel better. While cake, chocolates, and ice cream may be standard for celebrations, think about something that might make you feel better AND get you closer to healthier living. What about a massage? If money is an issue, perhaps you can treat yourself to a nap or a bubble bath. Maybe you can celebrate by setting aside some time to read a book.

When we fail to celebrate our small wins, we often succumb to a feeling of failure. Since it takes so long to get to big transformation goals, the lack of any celebration causes us to feel like we’re not making any progress.

You’ve come a long way

Take some time to recognize how far you’ve come in the last month, even if the steps have been small.

Moving forward is better then staying stagnant or losing ground.

Let me know on the Facebook page what small wins you’ve accomplished this month and how you’re going to celebrate!

On Monday, I’ll publish the last post in the Healthy Habits series!!

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