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Bring wellness to work!

Choose from one of my custom Corporate Yoga Programs built specifically to teach practical wellness tools and skills that your employees and co-workers can use throughout the day to maintain a heightened sense of overall wellbeing, concentration, relaxation, and balance.

Research shows that employees who are more relaxed and happy produce better work more quickly and efficiently, stick around longer, are more reliable, and are more likely to be a team player. Make sure your employees are performing optimally!

Benefits of yoga at work

Corporate Yoga Programs help employers and companies:

  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Decrease sick days
  • Decrease insurance costs per employee
  • Increase employee satisfaction and performance

Yoga helps employees:

  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase efficiency
  • Make better decisions faster
  • Manage workplace stress better

Fear not – my Corporate Yoga Programs are professional, all-levels, and take into consideration the fact that your employees don’t want to return to their desks sweaty and gross. My workshops and classes can be designed so that your employees don’t even have to bring a change of clothes. No yoga pants needed!

I’ll work with you to deliver the program that fits best in your culture for your employees. No weird postures that would make people feel uncomfortable. No heady, dogmatic spirituality. No chanting. Just practical yoga-inspired stretches that can be done in a minute or less. Simple, helpful, efficient, and professional.

Corporate Yoga Programs

Weekly Yoga Class

Give your employees something to look forward to each week! My corporate yoga classes are designed to help promote focus, concentration, overall body awareness, and gentle stretching, with enough movement thrown in so that your employees feel like they’re getting a real break from sitting at a desk but aren’t completely exhausted at the end of the session.

Classes are offered on-site for 30, 45, or 60 minutes during lunch or right before or after work. We can use an empty conference room or gym for space. I’ll provide all the props. Class will be tailored specifically to your employees and I’ll make sure employees will be ready to get right back to work (no need for a shower afterward!).

How to Do Yoga At Work: A Workshop

Empower your employees to prioritize a healthy, balanced workday without feeling pressured to add one more thing into their already busy days. My goal is to help your people seamlessly integrate healthy movement and breath habits into everyday living at work, on the plane, in the car, and at home.

Offered on or off-site as a 60- or 90-minute workshop, this class is an interactive discussion and experience tailored to teaching your employees how to stretch throughout the day whether they are sitting at a desk, traveling, or on their feet all day long. We’ll explore seated movements from chairs, stretches for the shoulders, low back, hips, neck, feet, wrists, etc. and practice breathing strategies to reduce stress and overwhelm.

Work & Roll

Got aches and pains from sitting around all day long? Tension in the shoulders? Chronic discomfort in the low back? These common aches and pains are rampant in offices where employees sit at computers most of the day, travel frequently, and are exposed to stress from deadlines and other high-deliverable expectations.

In this class or workshop customized for your company, I’ll introduce your employees to therapy ball rolling that can be done throughout the day in short breaks (or even while working) to massage tight fascia and release tension held in the body. The relief experienced brings peace of mind so that your employees can focus on the task at hand and not on that nagging pain in their low back that just won’t go away!

Therapy balls provided.


“My company brought in Ashley to get some tips and tools to combat all the sitting and posture-related aches and pains that many of us get. Our biggest takeaway was that there are some simple things we can do to improve our own situations and that we don’t just have to accept the pain. Our employees loved it. Ashley was very informative.”

-Mark D., Oxford Finance

“Ashley Josephine Zuberi is an expert at yoga instruction and a great speaker for corporate events. I hired her to lead a yoga class at a corporate retreat and she did a phenomenal job. Each woman in the program raved about her gentle, smiling nature and her ability to know the human anatomy and how to make it feel better. She emphasizes the need to reduce stress at work and gives easy-to-do exercises to use at your desk while sitting in your chair. She is a must for every busy professional who is not doing enough self-care. I highly recommend her!”

-Joan F., Winning Ways