The past couple years I’ve offered a 12 Days of Relaxation Challenge during the month of December as a way to slow down during  a season that is typically fraught with busyness.

This year, I’m changing gears. I’m still offering a challenge but we’re focusing on the core instead. Totally different, I know.

It’s still fitting though, considering the holidays make it hard to stick with our intentions around diets and exercise (at least for me).

Why a core challenge?

The core represents who we really are. This challenge is more then just trying to strengthen your core muscles — it’s about really connecting with the TRUE you, understanding what matters most, and feeling empowered to take action to live from your core values and beliefs.

I’m hosting this challenge on Instagram (you’ll find all the rules for the IG challenge over there), but I want you to be part of it too if you’re not into the whole Instagram scene.

Here’s how it works

Starting on Monday, December 12th, I’ll be posting 1 core-related yoga posture per day until Sunday, December 18th. I’d love for you to follow along with me and practice the daily core posture for a few breaths, a minute, or even more!

Since asana is only part of the picture, there will also be a daily prompt to help you think, journal, or reflect on a different aspect of your core.

If you’re on the newsletter I’ll send a midweek update next week so you can catch up if you miss a day.

To follow along on the blog, visit

The energy of the core

The core is one of my favorite parts of the body. It represents confidence, power, collaboration, and action. It’s the house of our digestions and metabolism. This area of the body literally transforms the food we eat into the energy our body needs to function and thrive on a daily basis. To connect, optimize, and harness that energy is incredible empowering and liberating.

It’s not about six-pack abs and involves more then just the physical body. Looking at the core from a body/mind/spirit perspective gives us a more complete, harmonious, and positive way to see and understand ourselves.

I hope you’ll join me next week for the #COREchallenge!