fifth chakra energyHave you ever felt yourself silenced, ignored, trampled over or interrupted? Think back to what that feels like – maybe emotions like frustration rise up or even a sense of being choked. Having your voice taken away from you is representative of a fifth chakra imbalance and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. Our personal power is expressed through art, voice, words, or in whatever form it is that we best bring life to our unique perspective in the world; if we are not seen, heard and acknowledged – if we are unable to give voice to the incredible imaginations that live in our head, our throat energy is doomed to give us trouble down the road.

Fifth Chakra Energy Spectrum Presents: Beautiful Voice vs. Sore Throat

The fifth chakra is an important one to me – maybe the most important there is. I know, I say that for almost every chakra (it feels like I’m talking about the Harry Potter book series!). But when I think about it, my whole life makes sense when I frame it in fifth chakra perspective.

Growing up, I always loved to tell stories. When I was little, I would walk around a room and tell stories, shaking a little pom-pom around so my hands had something to do. I wasn’t talking to anyone in particular, in fact most of the time I was embarrassed to tell my stories in front of other people. I started so young I think I wasn’t old enough to write, but I had to have some way of getting all these imaginations out of my head.

A few years back I learned my parents actually brought this up at a parent/teacher conference when I was in first grade; turns out they were concerned about my mental health! My teacher assured them it was just my way of expressing myself and there was nothing wrong with that.

As I got older, I realized it was kind of weird to walk around a room and talk to yourself, so I started to write instead. To this day, my stories come so much more easily to me when I talk them out in my head, but luckily, that has translated to a half-decent writing talent that gets me by.

But it wasn’t just telling stories. I also sang in the choir and wrote for the newspaper. It was important for me that my self-expression be seen, just as it remain important to me to this day. This is my fifth chakra at work – my self-expression and creativity on public display.

As with all good things, there are also the nasty opposites, and it’s no surprise that I suffered from nasty cases of strep throat when I was young. On an energetic level, a fifth chakra imbalance can cause sore throats and thyroid problems. Coincidentally, every woman on my mother’s side of the family has thyroid issues.

So like I said, fifth chakra energy is part of my DNA. My journalism degree, my writing – it’s meant to be, imprinted in my energetic coding.

Unfortunately, many of us do not have the same propensity for creative self-expression. In fact, many people in the world are scared shitless to express publicly their ideas and fantasies.

The fear of judgment deadens creative self-expression. (Click to tweet)

Without a strong energetic foundation built below the throat, the fifth chakra will experience blocks that bottleneck the integration of mind and body.

How to Balance Your Fifth Chakra

On the physical level, the fifth chakra relates to the shoulders, neck and thyroid glands. Vibration and sound play an important role in the fifth chakra, making singing, chanting and voice helpful for curing imbalances in the throat.

Yoga poses that can help this area of the body include:

  • Eagle
  • Archer arms
  • Fish
  • Sphinx with neck rolls
  • Plow

In the video below, I explain some more about the fifth chakra and work through 4 exercises to help balance the throat.

If fifth chakra energy resonates with you, email this article and video to a friend or two. They’ll appreciate you thinking about them and it will be healing to your creative self-expression to strike up a conversation about something meaningful to you.

Image credit: cosmorochester