Relieve Foot Pain with Yoga

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Relieve Foot Pain with Yoga

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One of my top 10 yoga videos to date is “the best yoga stretches to relieve wrist pain” (it comes in at #4 in my top 10 with 520 views). Turns out a lot of people experience pain in their wrists!

Based on my recent work with clients, I’ve also started noticing that foot pain is common, annoying, and also preventable. Whether you have pain, soreness, or tightness in your achilles, you suffer from plantar fasciitis (excruciating, I know), or get frequent foot cramps, stretching your feet can help you recover from pain and prevent it in the future!

Why you should take care of your feet

The feet are an important part of our bodies (there are few parts that aren’t important, really). Our feet are the source of our mobility – they are what differentiate us from other mammals and animals. The muscles, joints, and fascia in our feet connect with the muscles in our legs, which connect the knees, which connects the hips, which connects the spine. You can see how if something is off in your feet, it can cause a chain reaction throughout your entire body.

In fact, the low back pain you’re suffering from could in fact be connected to a muscular weakness in your foot!

When was the last time you gave your feet some love? Unless you regularly get pedicures (I don’t), then it’s probably been awhile.

Today’s video is all about relieving pain in your feet. Even if your feet don’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt to give them some love. They’ll thank you later and you’ll feel better. It’s a win-win ūüôā


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