Have you ever felt like a yoga class was super difficult not just because the poses were physically challenging, but also because you couldn’t get the hang of the breath? You’re not alone. Almost all beginners I know comment that the breathing is the hardest part of yoga! This makes us feel ridiculous because we’re complaining about how hard it is to breathe – a basic human function we do every single day to keep ourselves alive.

The thing is, it’s easy enough to breathe without thinking about it. Our autonomic nervous system’s got that covered. It’s when we become consciously aware of the breath and how we’re breathing that we start to get uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, most teachers forget that the breathing can easily be the hardest part of class, and because we forget, we often don’t spend enough time explaining it, myself included.

That’s why I created this week’s yoga video. Consider it a short tutorial on how to breathe in a Vinyasa yoga class. This will give you the foundations and some exercises to practice during your day so that when you show up to class, you’ll be prepared to tackle the hardest part!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

Image credit: Nutmeg Designs