A while back when I started this website I had the intention of creating interactive documents that showed you how to do each pose correctly. While I still think these documents would be useful, as I started recording videos, it made more sense to just show you real-time than mess with all the technology and learning that would have to go into creating interactive documents. Besides, what’s more interactive than video itself?

Downward Facing Dog is one of the most common yoga postures in Vinyasa yoga classes and it’s used as both a transition pose and a resting pose, believe it or not.

What I love about Downward Facing Dog is how challenging a pose it can be if you really drill down to the anatomical details. Most of the time, we’re not in Downdog long enough to feel the effects of truly adjusting the body into perfect alignment. This is the pose to do it, and you’ll be shocked at what you find when you turn on the smallest muscles in your body.

It is my hope that after you watch this video, you’ll have a better understanding of how Downward Facing Dog looks, feels and aligns in your body.

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Image Credit: Piddleville