Welcome to Wellness Wednesday!

I hope you had a chance to watch last week’s video introducing the chakra series and exploring chakra uno.

Today is all about getting in touch with the energy of chakra two.

Chakra two is a misunderstood chakra because it’s often associated with sex and nothing else. While chakra two is about sex and sexuality, I think adding a little context helps define these concepts more broadly.

Chakra two is located around the sexual organs and hips, which is why it’s so easy to say that it’s all about sex. In actuality, it’s about getting in touch with your desires, both on a physical, but just as importantly, on an emotional level.

Movement and flow define this chakra, as does change. Whereas in the first chakra we develop a strong foundation to meet our basic needs, chakra two starts to get into the movement and change that needs to happen in our life to help us achieve our goals and live the most abundant life we have to live.

One of the most important things you can learn to do to balance second chakra energy, is to listen to your body. Sometimes it tells you to lay off and other times it says full speed ahead. When you can become in tune with what your body says, you’re able to move in sync with your natural rhythm and life all the sudden becomes much, much easier.

If you’re ready to stretch out your hips and dive into some confidence-building second chakra yoga poses, watch the video below!

As always, if you every have any questions about the chakras, please reach out to me and let me know.

Image credit: misterbisson