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How To Use Your Hands To Heal

I’m really excited about this week’s Wellness Wednesday video because it’s the first one I’ve made in response to a reader request! One of my yoga students was interested in knowing more about mudras, or the hand positions you sometimes see used by yogis and Buddha statues.

Mudras are used to help clear energy blockages throughout the body. You can think of mudras as one tool in the energy medicine compartment of the alternative medicine toolbox. Yoga poses will help you clear the physical toxins out of your body and mudras and energy work will help you clear the stagnant energy caused by non-physical toxins (radiation and the waves emitted from electronics and such).

Energy medicine is more and more becoming a passion of mine because it makes sense, but I was definitely at one time a non-believer. In fact, I thought it was really weird, even when I started going to an energy healer. The more I learn about it, experience it and see its effects in front of my eyes, the more I’m convinced that the energy body exists and must be taken care of as much as the physical body itself.

I get it if you think this is kookoo. All I can ask is that you experience it for yourself. If you don’t feel better or you have no use for it in your life, then forget I even mentioned it. But there will probably be more energy talk in the future. Our bodies are all interconnected after all.

Do you want to know more about something yoga, energy or alternative medicine related? Please let me know by commenting below, sending me an email or connecting with me on Facebook! I love to hear from you and get back to everyone!

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