Are you wondering how to improve your yoga practice? It’s one of the most common questions I get from my students and clients.

It’s also one of the hardest questions to answer because there is no one answer.

Improving your yoga practice is not about learning how to do the postures the “right way” or learning how to hold a handstand and master arm balances.

Improving your yoga practice starts with shifting your perspective, keeping an open mind, and committing to stepping on your mat, literally or figuratively, as often as possible.

Get to know your Self

Improving your yoga practice is about getting to know your Self better. The better you know your Self, the more improvement you’ll see in your practice.

You can get to know your Self physically, energetically, mentally, and spiritually.

In regards to yoga asana practice, it’s really important that you get to know your physical Self. If you’re obsessed with doing postures right, get to know your muscles, joints, and bones and then you’ll be able to find your “right” posture. Without this integrated awareness of the physical body, something will always feel a bit off.

If you’re yearning for results from your yoga practice so you can feel more energized, get to know your energetic body. Spend time getting to know your breath. Then you will access reserves of energy you never knew you had and you can change your entire life.

If you’re searching for peace of mind, get to know your mind. So many of us are afraid of our own mind. Running away never helped anyone improve at anything. Meditation is a great tool for getting to know the mind.

When you want to improve your spiritual connection, dive deeper in the body, the breath, and the mind and experience them all as one.

This is how you improve your yoga practice.


I’ve filmed a video for you today that illustrates some tips for getting to know your physical body better. Stay tuned for more on how to improve your connection to your energy, your mind, and your spirit!

If you were wondering where I got my new, fun pants that I’m wearing in the video they’re from Niyama – a women’s clothing company based in Germany!