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Keep It Simple

Healthy Habits Keep it SimpleBefore we go any farther, I want to take today to remind you to Keep It Simple Silly (KISS)!

So often we can get carried away, especially at the beginning of the year, with setting lofty goals, creating elaborate resolutions, and setting grand dreams for the life we’re going to achieve in the coming year.

And remember, I’m all for dreaming big – but only if you have the support around you and the skills to start small and move toward your goals step by step with intention.

It’s this very distinction that determines whether or not you’ll be successful in your healthy habits quest.

5 simple questions to ask

The conditions for living well in the modern world are a good litmus test to put all your goals, resolutions, and intentions up against (any activity really).

  • Is it convenient?
  • Is it quick?
  • Is it accessible?
  • Is it nourishing?
  • Is it TRULY good for you?

Simplicity in practice

So let’s break it down. Going to yoga class might be a great idea and might even be something you really want to try, but if the closest studio is 30 minutes away, it’s no longer convenient and it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to sustain your practice.

Similarly, if you’re interested in starting a yoga practice and decide that you’re going to spend 90 minutes a day practicing, well, more power to you, but I doubt it. You can find 15 minutes in every day, but finding 90 minutes every day will be a bit tough.

If you’re brand new to yoga and you do find a studio nearby that offers 30- and 60-minutes classes but all the classes are super advanced and taught in full Sanskrit, you’ll have no idea what is going on and be less likely to continue practicing.

This next category is really tricky, because it requires you have stellar self-awareness. Yoga in general is good, but there are a lot of styles of yoga and not all styles are good for all people. If you choose to go to hot yoga, but your body doesn’t really like the heat (i.e., you’re predominantly Pitta), then this is no longer a nourishing choice. Restorative might be a better style to start with.

And finally, I like to ask the last question especially as it pertains to products. Is yoga truly good for you? I’m biased, but yes, it is. However, there are a lot of products with the words/phrases natural, all-natural, etc. in their names that are not truly good for you. It’s important to read your ingredient lists on your food and on your skincare!

Now, take a look at your goal/resolution/intention, and put it through the test. What changes might you need to set yourself up for success? Let me know on the Facebook page!

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