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According to recent research released last month by the American Psychological Association and the American Institute of Stress, 77% of Americans suffer physical symptoms caused by stress, while another 73% of Americans report experiencing psychological symptoms. The top five causes of all this pain? Job pressure, money, health, relationships and poor nutrition.

Does all this hit close to home? What if you could build the confidence and skills to manage your workload, adopt a new money mindset to help you build wealth, heal your relationship with yourself so you can heal your relationships with others, AND clean up your diet in one month? Most of us spend our whole lives searching for the solutions to the problems inherent in today’s life; so many more of us suffer needlessly for years before eventually making peace with our “situation,” eventually deciding that pain caused by stress is just an unfortunate consequence of life we all must deal with.

Believe me, I can relate. Three years ago, I was one of those 77%. I experienced intense pain in my left chest and thought for sure I was having a heart attack. Turns out, I was just stressed.

From all external appearances, it looked like I was healthy as can be. You can imagine how frustrated I was when doctors kept telling me there was nothing wrong. If I could barely breathe because my pain was so intense, something was definitely wrong.

It was this small, albeit very memorable, event that changed the course of my life. No longer did I aspire to climb the “traditional” corporate career ladder at top PR firms. No longer did I have wishes of being a high-flying, famous journalist.

No longer did I want to suffer from physical, mental and emotional pain brought on by over-work. I figured if you’re going to spend the majority of your waking hours working, why choose to do something that will surely make you suffer physically, mentally and emotionally?

My path to holistic wellness began.

Your Path to Wellness is Clear

So what is a Yogini you ask?

A yogini is a female yoga practitioner. But we’re not just talking asanas (physical poses) here. A Yogini is someone who adapts yoga philosophy off the mat and allows it to shaper and guide her daily choices. A yogini take on life as a workout for the soul.

See if you can relate to one of the “characters” below?

  • You’ve also suffered physical pain from a stressful time in your life. Perhaps your doctor left you with an parting statement like this: “There is nothing wrong with you that I can find, just rest and take it easy for a while and you’ll get better – oh and here are some pain pills.” You walk out of the doctor’s office thoroughly discouraged, with no answers, a large bill and pain pills that you don’t feel comfortable taking because you’ll suffer even more from the side effects. You found a way to manage the pain, but it still comes back and you’re uncertain about how to move forward to get better. In fact, you’re not even sure if you can get better.
  • You’ve been working really hard for the past few years but still can’t seem to get your finances in check. You really want to contribute to the financial solvency of your family and you’re starting to feel guilty that the work you’re doing isn’t good enough. Your relationships suffer because you have to constantly worry about money. All you want is to not have to worry about how you spend every penny. You would just love to buy a dress for yourself, some new makeup or a gift for a friend without feeling guilty and worrying about the budget.
  • Perhaps you feel like your job is okay, but you know you can offer more to the world. All you really want is to love your work and make a positive difference in the lives of others. Money is good and necessary, but you get more fulfillment out of helping others and making an impact in your community. You have big passions and hope that you can show and teach others that life and work really doesn’t have to be so bad.
  • Or maybe you’re just looking to relax when you get home from a stressful day at work. Perhaps you’re ready to learn something new about wellness. You’ve seen Oprah talk about her meditation challenge with Deepak Chopra, but you’re not quite sure how that really fits into your life or if you are doing it right. You’ve dabbled in yoga and love it, but can’t yet see a profound change in your daily habits. What you really need is qualified support and guidance to introduce you to the world of holistic and alternative wellness in an environment that is convenient, accessible, fits in your schedule and doesn’t cost an atrocious amount of money.

Can you see yourself somewhere in there? If so, Livin’ Like a Yogini is the perfect course for you.


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How Relaxation Works These Days

The typical response to stress these days is to go get a massage, treat yourself to some acupuncture or go to a yoga class. These are all FANTASTIC options, except for the fact that every time you want to relax you have to pay money to do it. And I don’t know if you’ve had a massage lately, but it’s not cheap. Considering almost all of us experience stress on a daily basis, it’s just not realistic for us to pad our busy schedules with hour-long appointments and classes all the time.

Our reliance on external options to help relieve our stress has created an unfortunate cultural norm where women are unsure of how to help themselves. The truth is massage and acupuncture should be treated as treats to enjoy after the main healing course, not long-term solutions to stress relief. True healing comes from a daily, integrated wellness practice unique to each of us.

This is why I’ve been working personally and professionally over the past three years to develop an integrated wellness system based on ancient yoga philosophy, Ayurvedic healing principles and modern practices.

How Relaxation & Stress Relief Should Work

Livin’ Like a Yogini offers the philosophical background you need to start healing today. In this month-long course, you’ll experience low-impact movement to get your blood flowing, soothing meditations that will ease your mind and calm your fears, plus receive powerful mindset research to help you flip the switch in your brain that has held you back from the health, wealth and balance you deserve.

Imagine taking time out for you, multiple times a day, to hear your breath, feel your body react to happiness and joy, release tension out of the neck and shoulders, and feel more connected to those around you.

Using mindset practices, yoga, brain research, Ayurvedic rituals, and self-care routines, I will walk you through four weeks of finding balance in all aspects of your life. Women who are unable to take time for themselves and find balance in their daily lives report feeling more stressed out, more overwhelmed, more depressed and more likely to suffer from relationship, work and money issues, which end up causing more stress! And we already know how that all turns out.

On the other hand, women who take time out for themselves and know what it is they need to do when the first symptoms of stress appear have successful lives at work and at home, feel like they are making a larger impact in the world, report increased happiness, make more money and get to spend more time with the people they love.


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The Stress-Free Secret 

Here’s the secret – it’s not that the women who take care of themselves have any more time than the women who don’t. It’s not an education barrier, a career prerequisite and it doesn’t have anything to do with how old you are, where you live or how much money you make. Learning how to take care of your self is all about learning the practices and applying them on a daily basis.

Livin’ Like a Yogini is my four week holistic wellness lifestyle immersion program designed to help you find more health, wealth and balance in your daily life. 

No other class that I’ve seen integrates all aspects of the body, mind and soul to present holistic wellness strategies that you can implement immediately in one four-week course. It’s not because it can’t be done, it’s more because most people specialize in only one area. As a learner, it’s been my job these past three year to learn everything I can about yoga – from both a fitness and philosophical standpoint; meditation – as a student, teacher and practitioner; self-care – from my own personal struggle with stress and my fascination with daily rituals in the Ayurvedic system of natural medicine; and work/life balance through my own personal exploration of entrepreneurship, business building, moving across the country and maintaining a military relationship.

What kinds of things will we be learning in this course?

In this four week “live” course, you’ll attend weekly “live” webinars, work through homework assignments, worksheets and daily projects (they’re fun and relaxing, don’t worry), plus  interact with your fellow classmates in our private Facebook forum.

We’ll be applying knowledge and practice from yoga, Ayurveda, the chakra system, energy medicine, and common Western-approved self-care practices. There will be a combination of physical practice, meditation practice, journaling, worksheets and observation that when integrated will help you find the unique balance right for you in your life.

At the end of our four weeks together, you’ll have all the tools and resources you need to craft your own balance practice. In fact, the hope is that you’ll already have crafted your balance practice by the end of the course so your work is done on that end and all you have to do is implement. You’ll get cool, different experiences, a lot of time to spend completely on you, a richer understanding of how your daily life plays into your health and wellbeing, and the support of amazing women in the course with you to help bounce ideas off each other and support you in your pursuit of balance and stress-free living.

The Schedule

“Live” online courses

  • Tuesday, September 17: Intro to the Yogini Way of Life

In our first session together, we’ll work on mindset, incorporating the yamas and the niyamas from classical yoga’s eight-fold path, and drill down on values and living a life aligned with what we believe in.

  • Tuesday, September 24: Yogini Fitness

In our second week together, we’re gonna get moving. We’ll apply yoga, stretching and breath work in an interactive session and talk about how to work with energy and our unique bodies to create a personalized fitness routine that works best for your health goals.

  • Tuesday, October 1: Yogini Work & Play

This week we’ll return to our values to help you understand the work that is right for you. We’ll also talk about the importance of play, redefine balance and review what it really looks like to successfully pursue work/life balance.

  • Tuesday, October 8: Yogini Rituals

To top things off, we dive deep into relaxation and self-care rituals to help us learn how to love ourselves, take care of ourselves and be better human beings.

All courses will start at 7pm Central and last about an hour. Once you enroll in the course, you’ll be given instructions on how to sign up for the class email list to receive all your digital course materials and how to register for all four live webinars.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient system of alternative medicine similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The system developed in India alongside yoga. Today, Ayurveda is making a comeback in alternative healing circles, as India becomes more and more accessible to the Western world. Ayurvedic medicine is based on healing that happens within. The goal of Ayurveda is to balance the body, mind and soul through daily practices, habits, diet and an understanding of how each individual optimally functions. Some famous Ayurvedic practitioners you may have heard of before include Dr. John Douillard and Deepak Chopra.

Am I going to have to make any major changes throughout this program?

Not at all. In fact, I approach everything I do as an experiment and I encourage you do the same. That means if you try one practice and don’t like it, you don’t have to continue doing it. On the other hand, if you try another practice and really love it, the goal of this course is to help you figure out how you can integrate more of what you love into your daily life. This isn’t about changing the world or quitting your job. It’s about finding more balance and happiness in the life you already have and making small changes one day at a time to create the life you want.

What if I can’t make some of the “live” sessions?

No worries! I understand life is busy. That’s why I’m making this course as convenient for you as possible. All “live” sessions will be recorded and sent out to you so that you can watch or listen to them on your own time when you get the chance. With that said, I highly encourage you to make the “live” sessions a priority as this is a course about prioritizing self-care!

What if I don’t live where you live?

That’s A-ok! This course will happen all online or via telephone. You don’t need to live where I live and you don’t even need to live in the same place for the duration of the course. Heck, I’m moving to Tucson in the middle of it, so I welcome the adventurers!

This Program Isn’t for Everyone Though

As much as I would like to accept everyone into this course, there are some people that will not benefit from it. It’s my duty to let you know if that is you so that you don’t pay for a program that won’t help you. I’m in the business of helping and I don’t want to mislead anyone or create more stress. With that said, this program is not for you if:

  • You are not open to alternative practices, such as meditation, yoga, energy practices and Eastern wisdom.
  • You are unwilling to dedicate time to taking care of yourself for at least the next four weeks
  • You’re looking for quick solutions to long-term, chronic problems. This isn’t a product and a life’s worth of pain may not disappear immediately
  • You have no interest in personal development, transformation and/or finding ways to deepen your connection to Self & spirit

Stories of Personal Yogini Transformation 

Below are some stories from students I’ve taught and worked with over the past year. They all apply “yoga” in a different way and have increased their contentment with life, as well as their happiness.

Jennifer is a student of mine who has been coming to my yoga classes for about a year. It’s been gratifying to see her gradually adopt new steps in her wellness journey each and every week. She has become more aware of how and why she reacts to certain situations and has even started integrating daily practices into her life that she never did before. Her interest in yoga and the yoga lifestyle continually deepens as she looks to find more happiness.

“My life has improved and my love and understanding of yoga has deepened so much with you as my teacher. Can’t thank you enough!”

~Jennifer F., Wichita Falls, TX

Becca was a private student of mine suffering from a life’s worth of medical issues. She used yoga to help her start healing physically, mentally and emotionally from the pain and discomfort she experienced on a daily basis. Yoga has made her stronger, and she is now moving halfway across the country to start a new chapter of her life. She gained the confidence and strength to strike out on her own through a conscious commitment to health and wellness.

“Your work really does impact others and helps us all along this journey. :)”

~Becca H., Wichita Falls, TX, and Syracuse, NY!

Rheagan, a fellow yoga teacher and student of mine, realized her true passion in life is yoga. In between jobs, she has made the conscious decision to create her own life doing what she loves. In an effort to live a more yogic lifestyle, Rheagan has started cleanses, keeps a regular journaling practice and is fully integrating the philosophy behind yoga to become a better teacher and guide for her students.

Tina, a yoga student and team member of mine, discovered that her productivity increased when she found the right balance of work and play. This realization opened her up to new growth opportunities that  support her plans and dreams of traveling the world. Finding balance allowed her to take those first steps toward her next life transition.


Livin’ Like a Yogini is priced at $67 for the full four week live course and the Yogini Kit course materials. For the price of a nice meal out with your family, you can have a life’s worth happiness, connectedness, abundance and nourishment in just four weeks! On top of that, you’ll also receive the Healthy, Wealthy & Balanced Cookbook for FREE (this cookbook is currently unpublished and would normally be priced at $19.99) and a FREE 45-minute private Stress Management Session with me (a value of $150).

If you’re unhappy with your Livin’ Like a Yogini course and the information provided is not able to help you find more balance in your life, I’ll refund the price of the course and let you keep all the materials for free. You have seven days to decide if the course is for you. If it’s not, you’ll get your money back. Simple as that. Why? Like I said before, I’m in the business of helping people – if I can’t help you then that’s the way it is. I want you to use the refunded money to find help from someone else who is better suited to your particular situation and needs.

Livin’ Like a Yogini is packed with incredible information and resources, but I have so much great stuff to offer that I just couldn’t fit it all in a month-long course. That’s why I picked the best of the best for the course and then packaged the rest into bonuses that you’ll get for free when you sign up today.

BONUS #1: The Healthy, Wealthy & Balanced Cookbook

People ask me all the time about what I eat. They assume that because I’m small, skinny and a yogini, I must eat really well. I do eat pretty well, but it’s certainly been a journey just like the rest of life. I’ve compiled all my favorite healthy recipes from sources all around the web and cookbook section of the bookstore into one cookbook that you can use to start loving healthy eating. I also add in tips to help you eat healthy on a budget – I know it ain’t cheap!

BONUS #2: Private 45-min Stress Management Session

Because everyone’s journey is different, I want to spend some one-on-one time to help you get the most out of your course experience. In your session we’ll dive into what is causing you the most stress and deconstruct the ways you currently handle stressful situations. We’ll talk about easy, accessible ways for you to integrate the course materials and I’ll help you on your way to crafting your own personal balance plan.

To ensure that Livin’ Like a Yogini is personalized and all about you, I’ve limited the course to 25 seats. I want to help as many women as I can, but in a setting like this, with more than 25 people, the course becomes less personal and more information dissemination. I could do that on my blog. Instead, I want to interact with YOU and I want to help YOU understand how health, wealth and balance can work in your life.

Have any other questions I haven’t answered? Just send me an email at ashley@ashleyjosephine.com

Enroll in the course today to reserve your spot and start Livin’ Like a Yogini!


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