It rained yesterday morning.

Eventually the sun came out. Later in the afternoon it rained again. By evening the wind started. It was cold.

Around midday I went to the grocery store. Dark clouds built up over Washington DC and the steely gray Potomac was choppy. The roads were empty. There were significantly fewer people in the store then usual during the lunch-hour rush.

Everyone that was out about walked slowly. Well, not slowly, but nowhere near the urgent I-have- somewhere-to-be-that-is-way-more-important-than-where-you-have-to-go-so-get-out-of-my-way.

People were wandering. Faces were blank. There was one man whistling near the hot bar in the store — the sound was jarring.

My yoga students didn’t know what they wanted when I asked. I got requests for hip openers, calm, and jokes. I couldn’t think of any jokes.

I wrote yesterday about taking care of yourself. Here’s what I did. If you’re still wandering, I hope this list inspires and motivates you to take some time for You.

Knowing ourselves, feeling our feelings, and getting clear will be the best way forward for most of us.

What I did yesterday

  • Meditated — a lot
  • Moved — a little
  • Wrote — 30 minutes
  • Worked — gotta keep going
  • Read — just enough
  • Observed — that was interesting
  • Ate General Tso’s Chicken, vegetarian mashed potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, and biscuit and mushroom stuffing — I need protein and comfort food. I don’t even like stuffing but it sounded comforting.
  • Indulged — chocolate donut
  • Taught — that was hard, but healing and reassuring for me
  • Learned — always
  • Baked butternut squash mac n’ cheese and steamed broccoli — dinner
  • Did a chakra-inspired restorative yoga practice — sublime
  • Went to sleep

It was hard to connect. I did it mostly online. I don’t fully understand my pain. I’m okay with that. The connection will come in time. For now, it’s important that I stay true to me.

Take care of yourself.