It’s Time to Say No

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It’s Time to Say No

Healthy Habits Say No

Yesterday’s exercise was the easy part. Today’s is much more difficult and the one area where most people struggle, especially busy women.

Today is all about saying no.

Spring cleaning for your habits

If you had a chance to write down all your habits, good and bad yesterday, grab that piece of paper or document. You already have decided which habits you want to keep up with. Today, it’s time to look at the ones that need to go.

Think of it like spring cleaning (a little early) for your habits. We’re going to go through and prune the list, and get really honest with ourselves about the habits we no longer want to entertain.

For me, there’s a few. As I mentioned last week I waste too much time on Facebook. I’m also addicted to sugar. Breakfast pastry are my ultimate downfall.

So what are you going to say no to?

When you want to say goodbye

Notice as you move through your list what you think you “should” say no to and what you actually want to say no to. You’ll feel the difference. Now, I don’t want to say no to sugar but I know I should. I do actually want to stop wasting time on Facebook.

The difference is important. What you want to say no to will be easier to let go of. If you’re not convinced you need to see it go, you’ll have a harder time saying goodbye.

There are no number goals here, so you can keep doing most of your habits and only say no to one or maybe you’ll keep doing only a few habits and want to say goodbye to most of the others. It depends on what your intentions, goals, and resolutions are for 2015.

So go ahead and say no to what you’ve wanted to part with for a long time. Make it a celebration. Be dramatic if you have to. Let it go. Tomorrow is a new day.

Remember to have compassion

If you say goodbye today but notice yourself falling right back into old habits, break out your detective gear and break down what about the habit is keeping you in this particular habit loop. What are the cues? What’s the reward? Can you change up the cue so that you start a new routine? Habits are tricky little fella’s so have some compassion. Saying goodbye was never easy.

Let me know over on the Facebook page what you’re going to start saying no to!

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