As we get closer to Kapha season (the Spring equinox is officially on March 20th) you might have noticed a shift in your energy patterns. I know I’ve tapped into a new source of motivation recently, which is good because winter was really getting old.

In order to receive all the goodness that spring has to offer we need to open ourselves to this new energy, this new season, and new beginnings.

Open Your Shoulders, Open Your Heart

So many people I know have tight shoulders, sore necks, and tense upper backs. Many people hold tension in their shoulders – do you ever feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? – but our daily posture probably doesn’t help either, especially if you work at a desk or drive a lot for work.

As a society we’re ridiculously hunched over. Doing shoulder stretches regularly not only lengthens your muscles but it also opens your heart. When you physically give your heart more space, it’s able to expand. When your heart expands, you’re able to give and receive more love more easily.

And wouldn’t that be nice?

Your Short Shoulder Practice

Grabe a strap or a belt for this one if you know your shoulders are uber tight and it’s difficult for you to interlace your hands behind you at your low back.

P.S. – It’s totally normal to get emotional when we open up through the heart. Notice if any strong emotions show up for you and be open to whatever arises.