Solar Eclipse Yoga Ritual

The recent solar eclipse provides powerful energy that can be harnessed for transformation in our personal and spiritual lives. Today I offer up a solar eclipse yoga ritual you can use to connect with the energy of the sun.

To productively and successfully use this energy for good we must understand the power of the sun.

Besides the obvious fact that the sun sustains life, the sun also symbolically represents the externalization of our own willpower and instincts to take action.

Inside the body, the center of power rests within your core. Your metabolic fire — the processes that enable you to digest food for energy —  is equivalent to the power of the sun in the sky.

To foster a balanced reserve of fire for digestion and action is the definition of successful yogic living.

Too much fire causes inflammation and can lead to anger or irritability while too little fire leaves us helpless on the couch, uninspired.

The history of spirituality and the solar eclipse

In ancient times before the invention of the gods and goddesses that we know so well today, yogis worshipped the sun, moon, stars, and cosmos. They recognized that there was something at play in the sky far more powerful and all-knowing then they.

I’ve even heard stories that the ancient Kings in India would abdicate their throne during solar eclipses in recognition of the divine and supreme power of the Sun and Moon. Also, apparently the Kings would be sacrificed to the Sun back in the day, which is why the sitting King had no qualms about giving up the throne for a period of time so that some temporary King got sacrificed instead of him…

I’ve written before about the meaning behind Sun (Surya) Salutations (Namaskar). If you haven’t taken time out of your day already to recognize the power of the sun recently, take a Sun Salutation break to align with the energy of our time. Remember to find a balance that works for you and doesn’t generate too much internal heat in the height of summer!

Harness the symbolic energy of the sun

What is beautiful about the solar eclipse is the symbolism behind the moon’s shadow blocking the light of the sun.

The moon is approximately 400 times smaller then the sun and 400 times closer to the Earth. And yet, this smaller entity can indeed block the light from reaching Earth. The moon has power too in just the right circumstances. This speaks to the power within us all, no matter how small we think we are, to affect change in the world.

Our yoga practice prepares us to be big and bold. To shine forth our own light. The light within us is like the light outside of us. Sometimes the moon’s shadow blocks the light from view. It doesn’t happen often in the cosmos, but somehow we let it happen much more often inside.

These next few weeks offer a perfect opportunity to connect with your inner fire.

Solar Eclipse Yoga Ritual

  1. First, we must acknowledge what is present. Is your fire burning too hot and high? Has it become dangerous and destructive? Or is your fire practically non-existent? Are you having trouble staying focused and inspired?
  2. To balance your fire, practice a mix of asana (go gentle if you’re burning up and increase intensity if there’s not enough), meditation, pranayama, and reflection.
  3. Recognize the aspects of your shadow side — the darkness — that is holding you back on your path to shining fully. Is it fear? Doubt? Anger? Grief? Sit with these emotions and see if you can recognize how silly it is that they are holding you back from realizing your True Self. It’s not that these emotions aren’t true or valid, but we give them too much power over us and they mask the light that is trying desperately to shine forth from within.
  4. Finally, take some time to bask in the warmth of the sun. Do nothing, read a good book, take a nap, or daydream as the clouds pass by. Be in the sun, with the sun, and be at peace. Our fire needs these moments and this transmission of energy to recharge.

Enjoy these next few weeks — in all their craziness and glory. Choose peace, love, light.





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