Spring Yoga Practice

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Spring Yoga Practice

Welcome to Spring! It’s time for another Seasonal Check-in.

Since around here yoga means so much more then asana, this year’s spring yoga practice is going to be multi-faceted.

I Facebook live-streamed an asana practice yesterday evening, which is now available for your easy enjoyment in my online yoga studio (link below), as well as a workbook to help you review the last 3 months and contemplate/plan the next 3.

The elements of Spring Yoga

Spring, energetically is a time for awakening and rebirth. We look to nature to see the April showers brining necessary nourishment to the seeds that are being planted. We see blooms starting to open to the extended periods of sunlight.

The Spring season is represented by the elements of Earth and Water. To honor this combination of elements in our life it’s important to double down on your grounding practices to brace for the inevitable movement of change up ahead.

When grounded, change can be positive and transformational. When unmoored, change can become chaotic and discombobulating. To stay grounded is to remain powerful. When we lose our anchor, we get stuck in the past, unable to move forward.

Get connected

Symbolically, an asana practice rooted in the feet and legs can help us feel more connected to the Earth. A yoga practice focused on the hips, breath, and movement, can connect us to the ever-moving energy of water.

Beyond asana, spend time in nature. I took a long weekend to play in the Rocky Mountains, immersing myself in the Earth and water (snow!).

Spend some time thinking about what seeds you are ready to plant in your life right now so that you can take advantage of the light and water of the next 3 months. Journal, plan, contemplate, talk to your friends and family, share!

Be in community with your ideas so you can have accountability.

Ready to take your yoga practice to the next level and connect with the elements of this new season?

You can view my FREE! Spring yoga asana practice video and the accompanying Spring Equinox 2017 Seasonal Check-in Workbook in my online studio! Hurry though, it’s only available until April 15!

Feel free to send me an email or share with me on Facebook your Spring mantra!

Happy Spring!

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