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If you haven’t had a chance to download my free ebook: The Unconventional Beginner’s Guide to Yoga, click the link below and it’s all yours. This book isn’t just for newbie yogis. Even if you’ve practiced for a while, you might find something fun in here. It is an unconventional guide after all. There is plenty of useful information to get you started and a lot more information to get you thinking about how to deepen your practice and make yoga and wellness an official part of your life.




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Now for the really fun bonus stuff just for you! Come back to this page often and explore at your own pace. This stuff isn’t going anywhere and it’s just for you. I’ll also continue adding to it as I create more cool wellness tools.

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6 BONUS Yoga Videos

Warm-up Poses

Chatarunga Dandasana Primer

Strength & Balance Poses

Cool Down

Relax in Savasana

BONUS Guided Meditations

Looking to relax? Find a comfortable seat or lie yourself down on the ground, close your eyes and prepare to feel rejuvenated! Don’t worry if you fall asleep – that’s part of the fun.

Recommended Reading

Recommended Viewing

I’ve curated some of my favorite videos from around the web involving yoga and living a full life with compassion and intention. These are powerful messages meant to be inspiring and uplifting.

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