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Interested in building a healthy habit into your daily life?

Check out this 21-day blog post series I ran at the beginning of 2015.

Day 1: Set Your Intention 

Day 2: How Habits Work

Day 3: Ritualize Your Wellness

Day 4: A Plan for Healthy Living

Day 5: Consistency is Key

Day 6: The Lay of the Healthy Land

Day 7: It’s Time to Say No

Day 8: Optimize Your Health

Day 9: A Word on Willpower

Day 10: Start Small

Day 11: Keep it Simple

Day 12: Track Your Progress

Day 13: Is the Healthy Choice Worth It?

Day 14: Reframe Failure with Self-Compassion

Day 15: Build Your Keystone Habit

Day 16: The Big Picture

Day 17: Find Your Accountability Partner

Day 18: Overcome Obstacles

Day 19: Be Flexible

Day 20: Celebrate Small Wins

Day 21: The Seasonal Check-In