The Only True Way To Learn

The Only True Way To Learn

I never thought the day would come. I never in a million years could have ever guessed that I would get into direct sales. And I never, ever thought I would ever enjoy it.

The universe is a funny place sometimes.

I Asked For It

You need to be especially careful what you ask for, as I found myself asking for sales training a few months back because I was working for a client and my job was very much based on how well I could sell online products. I really love my client and I really believe in the work that he does, so I want to see his business succeed and I want to continue working with him as long as I possibly can. To make that scenario a reality I needed to step up my sales game.

To be clear, I hate sales. I’ve always despised sales people. I’ve never liked that smooth operator, charming charismatic type who trys to con you into buying something you don’t want and really don’t need. Mostly because I’m not that person and I could never be that person. Fundamentally, I hate bothering people.

Unfortunately it became painfully clear to me that the only way I could keep my job with my client and succeed in my own business  was to learn how to sell – myself, online products, services – everything.

The Only Way To Learn A Skill

I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I started asking for book recommendations, because that’s what I do. I read. I absorb information and then I try to apply it.

But remember how the universe is a funny place? My learning strength is a curse in that I’ll sit behind a book cover or a computer screen and try and learn all day when real learning really happens in the real world. (Tweet the truth out here!)

Which means, I couldn’t just read about it, I had to actually become a salesperson to learn how to sell.

Painful, I know.

Why Pangea?

Around the same time all these realizations were formulating in my mind, I received an email from a colleague about becoming a Beauty Ecologist with Pangea Organics. Hmm. A direct sales opportunity with an organic skincare company whose products I’ve used before and loved. Interesting.

I thought about it. The product would be the perfect addition to my website – a product I could sell in alignment with the lifestyle I’m living, the brand I’m building and the values I stand for in life and business.

Providing pampering parties to my friends, family and peers would get me out of the house and in front of people – a chance to interact, put my speaking skills to good use and practice and give me the opportunity to talk about living holistically with wellness and yoga in your life. +1.

I would also get the chance to coach other women on how to build their own successful businesses through Pangea Organics. This was the kicker for me. I already wanted to coach other women how to thrive, and now the opportunity was being dumped in my lap like a sack of sweet potatoes. How could I pass it up?

Everything about Pangea Organics made sense because it is able to seamlessly integrate into what I already talk about, blog about, and live in my daily life. Natural Beauty. Self-care. Ritual. Yoga. Wellness. Freedom. Flexibility. Organic. Health. Wealth. Yes, please.

Learning Does Not = Money

And then there’s this whole money thing. Yeah, I’d have the chance to earn some extra money with Pangea Organics. It was around this same time that the Beauty Ecologist opportunity was presented to me that I was getting very seriously interested in taking a coach training program that costs $10,000. Problem is, I don’t have an extra $10,000 lying around. Do you?

Plus, money has been a perennial problem for me since the day I graduated college. Unfortunately, being great at learning does not necessarily mean you will get rich. Knowing a lot of stuff means zilch if you don’t know how to package it up in a way that sells and puts moolah in your bank account.

Let me admit something and just put this out there. Never once in my life have I been able to fully support myself. Not when I had a full-time job (crappy choice, I know), not when I had my social media biz and not now when I feel like I’m running around with my head cut off doing a zillion different things at once (that never works out, by the way). The Pangea Organics Beauty Ecologist opportunity gave me another chance to financially support myself and finally break free.

The Path to Successful Selling

And so, with my coach training as the end goal, I took the plunge and decided there was no better time than now to sign up to be a Pangea Organics Independent Beauty Ecologist and learn me some sales skills.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s tough. I still hate bothering people. I understand the whole mental reframe about thinking you’re helping people, rather than bothering, by introducing them to these incredible organic products. And I do totally believe in the benefits of Pangea. But I still suck at reaching out and asking for the sale. In time and with practice I’ll get better about it.

In fact, over the past couple months, I’ve exceeded my own expectations. I’ve almost reached a company milestone and I’m only $280 away from being rewarded for my efforts and reaching “Level 2” of my introductory period promotion.

So it’s time that I ask for your help already! I’ve created a virtual party that I’d love to invite you to.

Click here to enter my virtual Pangea Party!

Over on the party page, you’ll be able to read more about my story and journey with Pangea, all about the products and what you can do to help me reach my goal.

Have I learned how to sell? Well, it’s not going to happen overnight, but I’m well on my way and I couldn’t be prouder of myself for figuring out how to sell with soul, integrity and wellness in mind.

What I have learned and confirmed is the following:

  • The only way to learn how to sell is to do it
  • It’s not easy
  • You can’t do it alone
  • You will fail. No one will care except you.
  • Setting goals and planning to meet them is super important
  • Organization is key to your sanity
  • Sell what you love and you’ll love what you sell
  • It’s more about your story, your why, the underpinnings of why you’re doing what you’re doing that will get people interested and on board
  • People love Pangea!
  • Most importantly, I’m on the right path

Thanks for your help! I’ll keep you posted on my successes and failures so that I can help you learn right alongside me!

If you know someone who could use some sales training, send this article her way!

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