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Track Your Progress

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It’s human nature to focus on the negative. But when it comes to transformation, it’s more important then ever to celebrate the positive and acknowledge how far you’ve come every step of the way.

You won’t realize you’ve made any progress if you don’t take a moment every day to see how far you’ve come.

You have to see to believe

That’s why having a visible, tangible way to track your progress helps sustain healthy habits long-term.

How do you track your progress? There are plenty of ways! If you’re the type of person wondering why you still don’t get gold stars from your boss at work, then you might create a chart where you can give yourself a gold star every day you successfully complete your new healthy habit.

You could put your stars on a calendar so you can see which days you achieve your intention and which days you don’t.

You can keep track of your healthy habits in your calendar on your computer, or you can even keep a wellness journal where you record how you feel every day after completing your healthy activity.

However you choose to track your progress, the most important part is that you do it and you make it visible. Otherwise, you’ll forget you’ve made any progress at all and you’ll fall prey to self-criticism, doubt, and the evil negativity spiral downward.

Perfect it and then move on to the next habit

Once your healthy activity has officially become a habit, you won’t need to track your progress any more because you’ll get excited to do your healthy habit in and of itself. It will become so routine, you won’t even think about it. But if you still love to see your results, that just means it’s time to move onto your next habit!

So how are you going to track your progress? Let me know on the Facebook page!

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