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17 Unique Healthy Gifts for the Holiday

2013 Wellness Challenge Week 47: Service via Curation

One of the big pieces of advice that has been POUNDED into my head over the past few years is the benefits of servant leadership. To be a good entrepreneur, you must have a burning need to serve others, to help in some way. It’s not about making money, it’s about being a passionate problem solver. It’s not about me, it’s about YOU. It’s not about what I want to create, it’s about what you want to be created. It’s not about talking, it’s about listening.

As much as I intellectually KNOW this, it’s still hard sometimes to operate in business from this perspective as a creative person. That’s partially because everything else anyone has been taught about business is the exact opposite – how much money can you make with as little resources as possible? How can you get the highest profit margins? Plus, as a creative, Type A-er, I want to do things my way! That’s part of the reason why I set off to work for myself. And herein lies the fine balance for companies wishing to do good in the world – to operate in business you must learn how to save money AND serve others at the same time while tending to the the flames of passion.

In the blogosphere, it’s a little easier to save and serve. The cost to write a blog post comes out of my time bank rather than my actual bank account. (And that’s a whole ‘nother conversation). As someone who promotes living a healthy, balanced life, I find people ask me questions about what products I use the most. Things like what’s my favorite yoga mat? What’s my opinion on essential oils? What recipe book do I use?

Yesterday I shared a Cyber Monday/December sale for Pangea Organics. That was my way of sharing an aspect of health and beauty with you, but it was also for my own benefit, since I’m a Beauty Ecologist and profit from sharing the organic skincare line. Today, I want to offer you some more suggestions fo unique healthy gift as my way of serving you. If you’re in need of healthy gift ideas for the health nut in your family, or if you just want to give the gift of health, consider these ideas for your family and friends this holiday season.

Today I serve by giving back to others. No affiliate links. No profit. Just my favorite ideas for healthy holiday treats. Enjoy!

The List:

Yoga cookie cutters

Image credit: yummiyogi.com

Image credit: yummiyogi.com

I have yet to buy these, but they make my gift list every year. If you know a yogini who likes to bake, then this is the perfect gift.


Image credit: Vitamix.com

Image credit: Vitamix.com

The best gift for healthy living hands down. Although expensive, my favorite Christmas gift last year that has absolutely transformed my eating habits was my Vitamix. It’s a pricey blender, but it’s worth every penny in saved meals out. I evangelize this blender to anyone I know who will listen, and I always have the same conversation. I get it’s expensive and it will probably take you at least a few weeks, if not months (or years) to finally decide it’s worth it to put down that much money for a blender. Not one person I’ve met has regretted this purchase decision.

This year, you have the option to enter a contest to win a FREE Vitamix from my friend Lisa Consiglio Ryan over at Whole Health Designs.


Image credit: Samovarlife.com

Image credit: Samovarlife.com

I’m a tea fan and there are a few companies that have been catching my eye lately. Samovar Tea Lounge out of San Francisco has a unique entrepreneurial approach to it’s modern take on ancient tea culture and it’s adopted a solid online business selling it’s most popular loose leaf varieties and tea knowledge kits. For this company, it’s all about the tea drinking experience, and nothing makes that more fun than the vibrant colors of some of its Vivid line.

image credit: vintageteaworks.com

image credit: vintageteaworks.com

Another acquaintance and fellow tea connoisseur based out of Akron, OH (go local!), Vintage Teaworks, blends his love for tea and wine into a wildly unique and totally awesome tea line inspired by wine tasting. With flavors like Bourbon Chai, Green Tea Sauvignon and Oolong Chardonnay, this is the perfect gift for that special someone who needs something different and appreciates creativity.

image credit: tbysarah.com

image credit: tbysarah.com

And finally, rounding out the tea category, I recently had a taste of T by Sarah, a REALLY local Cleveland, OH, herbalist’s tea line. She hand-packs and blends her loose leaf teas from her garden and sells at trade shows and in restaurants in the Cleveland area. I highly recommend getting your hands on some Be Well for the winter season.

Self Care in a Box (well, reusable linen bag, really)

Image credit: Kelly Newsome

Image credit: Kelly Newsome

The coolest concept for wellness junkies to date, my good friend JUST LAUNCHED, as in literally yesterday, her brand new company Ritual Care Co. She has assembled hand crafted self-care “gift baskets” for women to take care of themselves. Hands down the best gift you could ever give someone.

Essential Oils

The raging debate is on as to what the best essential oil company out there is. I’ve used Aura Cacia, the line you can find on grocery shelves, as well as DoTERRA, but I’m still going to give Young Living a go as I’ve heard so much about them. I’m a big fan of blends because they tell you what problems they solve in the name, unlike peppermint, which might smell good but leaves you guessing what ailments it can really alleviate unless you’re a trained aromatherapist or herbologist (someday…). So this year, I’m asking for these blends from both companies. Invest in an atomizing diffuser while you’re at it for some at-home aromatherapy and get your living quarters smelling like a spa.


15ml_DigestZen 15ml_Serenity 5ml_Whisper

Whisper for a unique spin on perfume. DigestZen for ease of digestion and keeping a health immune system. Serenity for calming the nerves and getting a peaceful night sleep

Image credit: doterra.com

Young Living:

thieves Envision abundance

Thieves – an oil blend inspired by a group of French thieves who covered themselves in different herbs while robbing plague victims. Slightly disconcerting, but intriguing nonetheless. Abundance – I mean what more do you need to know? Envision – perfect for doing a little work on what your future is going to look like.

Image credit: Young Living

Other Ideas

Products are great, but I’m a real sucker for experiences. Consider the following options for adventurous folk

  • A gift certificate for a class package at a yoga studio
  • A gift certificate for massage
  • A gift certificat for acupuncture
  • Money towards a yoga retreat (or the full thing if you really want to spend)
  • A private yoga session

Have any other ideas or favorite go-to unique healthy gifts? I’d love to hear what you’ve got up your sleeve in the comments below!

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