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Why Finding Your Soul Work Will Make You Happier

I talk a bit about soul work here on my blog and I’ll be talking about it more and more as it’s becoming my, well, soul work.

It is my belief that each and every one of us is born with a preprogrammed soul and purpose. Unfortunately, most of us get waylaid by popular culture and societal expectations. Our soul’s purpose gets buried and others’ expectations of us demand reign over our lives. Our soul is strong and so every now and then she peeks through and has something to say, something to show, something to remind us she’s still there, buried and barely alive.

The good news is that we can dig through all the dirt and uncover our soul. The bad news is there is a lot of dirt and it’s heavy.

When we reconnect with our soul and allow her to shine through, we move through the world with purpose and with ease. With joy and with chutzpah. We let go of the pain and suffering caused by 9-5 hours in an office cubicle working for someone who does not share our same values and visions in life.

Leading from the soul is like leading from the heart rather than the head.

Soul work could be considered chasing your passions, but you can have passions and not make a living from them. Soul work is work not only because it’s hard but also because it will provide you with the best, most fruitful living you could ever ask for.

I like to think of myself as the intersection between health and wellness coach, career counselor, life coach and yoga instructor. You won’t be happy if you don’t have a healthy body, mind and career. Your life is every bit a part of your work. If you don’t work all the pieces, part of the puzzle will always be missing.

Soul work will open up doors you never even knew existed. Soul work will change your perspective, your surroundings and your support system. Soul work will get you out of bed in the morning because you want to, not because you have to.

Soul work will provide for you everything you need in life on a physical, mental, emotional and material level.

It will not be easy. This is why so many people brush aside their soul. They’d prefer the easy way out. They don’t want to do the work. They’ve crafted a story of their life that they like well enough and don’t have the time or patience for better or best. Good enough suits them just fine and you won’t get them to budge one way or another. They may think they are doing their soul work, but if they are still longing, then they have a long way to go.

Finding your soul work and doing it matters because it will bring you happiness, contentment and joy. Without it, you’ll always be looking for something more. You’ll always be looking for a deeper connection. With it, you’ll trust that you have everything you need and you’ll work from a deep inner Knowing that everything will turn out exactly the way it’s supposed to, whether you can see the outcome or not.

Soul work matters because when you reconnect to your life purpose, you become an agent and a force for positive change in this world. Your work fulfills you but also serves and helps others. You bring joy and happiness to others just as much as others provide your own joy and happiness day in and day out.

Soul work matters because no longer do we live in a society where the fruits of our labor are necessarily rewarded. No longer can we work in the office, in the corporation and be served a slice of conditioned reality that is safe and convenient enough for us to say “I’m fine, thanks.”

Life is becoming more and more unpredictable day by day. The safety and delusion provided by corporate America and once coveted by college graduates no longer feels safe and all the sudden is very much seen as the very delusion it is.

A recent New York Times article shed light on the stark (and dark) reality ahead of my generation. Without job prospects, college graduates with Bachelors and Masters degrees are unable to find work and remain underemployed for the sake of having a job and maybe paying their rent. All the while their college loans appreciate and they watch the second hand of the clock tick by as their future in corporate America wastes away. They work multiple jobs as bartenders and waitresses, as unpaid or minimum wage interns because it’s the only thing they can get and they hope with all hope that a little more experience will get them the next big job.

We will be the most experienced entry-level employees when (if) we ever get there and the experience level will not be reflected in the paycheck. It will all be for naught and we will still struggle. For years.

We can say we are grateful just to have a job, but really, are we, when we could in fact be making more money trying to succeed on our own?

It’s a question we must ask ourselves. Is it worth it to tread the corporate path? Is your soul work meant to play out in an office? Or are you better than that? More creative, more visionary, more inclined to lead now. Your experience matters. All of it. You’re worth it.

Whatever you do, find your soul work. At least you’ll know. From there, the options are infinite and completely up to your incredible imagination.

Go forth in the world with your soul work. If you need help finding it, refining it or hatching a plan, sign up for my newsletter below. I’m hereto see you find your soul work and make your dreams a reality.

What does this have to do with yoga? Everything. Yoga is one tool that can help you reconnect to your body, mind and soul. It’s one tool that can help you gain the confidence, power and strength you need to show up as your best soul day in and day out.

If you’re an unhappy Millenial suffering in work and/or life, then it’s time to reconnect to your soul.

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