Buddha with a Third Eye MarkingWhen you close your eyes, what do you see? Sounds like  a silly question, but I bet you see colors, images, visions. Our brains act as photographic warehouses such that even though the shutters are closed, we’re still able to access all the information within.

This is a functioning of the sixth chakra, more commonly referred to as the “third eye.” While some mythological creatures have been blessed with a physical third eye, ours is much less obvious and far more beauty-enhancing. By that, I mean we don’t have a gaudy third eye smack dab in the middle of our foreheads.

Even though there is no physical eye to help us hone our vision of the external world and see through walls, our invisible third eye functions to help us see within – see the inner landscape of our being and what’s going on inside. A powerful tool accessible to all of us, it’s often neglected and tossed aside in the garbage heap along with all the other organs we’ve evolved past needing (gallbladders anyone?).

Unfortunately, whoever decided we didn’t need our third eye anymore was wrong.

The good news is, atrophied and shriveled up in the corner of our body’s garbage can as it may be, the third eye can still be resurrected to its full functioning. But it will take an awful lot of practice and a whole lot of head scratching. Sure, there will be times when you think the third eye is a bunch of hooey and no matter how hard you try “looking within” you’ll never see anything other than some colors and a blank, black screen of nothing. But there will also be other times when the things you learn will feel like you just got smacked up the backside of your head with Truth.

When utilized correctly, the third eye gives us access to our soul. To our true Self and to a “knowing” that helps us feel centered, calm, confident and in control. Some people may feel that there is no compelling need to know ourselves to survive in this world, and actually, I’m going to go ahead and agree with them; however, you do need the third eye’s powers to thrive in this world. So which door would you rather choose? Surviving or Thriving?

The Pros and Cons of Reactivating Your Third Eye Chakra

Think of the third eye like a muscle – one that needs to be worked out in order to function at optimum capacity. The workout program for building strength in the third-eye? Meditation. Great, right, because you don’t have to do anything!

Hold your horses. You’ll find that third-eye meditation is excruciatingly painful because it forces you to not only see, but also feel everything that’s going on within you, from physical feelings to emotional and mental programs that have been lodged in your brain since the day you were born.

Now you might wonder why I’m encouraging you to do something that will inevitably cause pain. It’s because I love you, I promise.

The Path to Thriving

For us to access that part of us that enables us to move forward in the world and thrive, we absolutely must get over the very issues that hold us back. There is no place for ignoring, escaping and drowning out our problems in thriving. Yes, we may survive if we engage in such activities, but we will not be able to thrive.

Surprisingly, the rebels are really good at this game of pain. You know this is you if, when someone tells you absolutely do not push that button and then leaves the room, you have an overwhelming urge to push the button. If I tell you don’t practice third eye meditation because I don’t think you’re ready to handle the inevitable pain, well here’s my cue to leave the room and let you decide for yourself what is best for you.

But don’t fear, the pain isn’t what you think it will be. Meditation in and of itself will feel awesome. It will be rejuvenating, calming and extremely beneficial. Over the course of time, you might start to notice some emotions and belief systems arise – this is your cue to go deeper and explore. This is what the third eye does best. It explores, excavates and experiences. It does not analyze.

If you so choose to re-activate this powerful seeing sixth chakra, start by watching this week’s video below and experience a chakra meditation. I think you’ll enjoy it and you’ll be on your way to improving your inner vision.

Good luck! Remember, I’m here whenever you need me.

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Image credit: Thirsty in LA