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Yoga for Building Strength

A little over a year ago I filmed a short yoga for building strength video for a personal trainer friend of mine who used to run her own website offering different workouts and meal plans for each day of the week.

Her subscribers are busy moms who have work to do and kids to raise, dinner to make and workouts to fit into whatever time is left in the day. Sound familiar?

My friend has been a workout fiend for years and is one of the most in-shape people I know. In fact, she was stronger then both my husband and her husband when we all lived in Texas about four years ago. As much as she wanted to get into yoga because she intellectually understood the benefits it just never clicked for her. She needed to find the right combination of yoga for building strength and enhancing flexibility, which is why she asked me to put together a very specific yoga flow for her workout-happy/yoga-weary friends.

Flow with strength AND flexibility (and core work and hip stretches!)

What came of that was this flow that I’m sharing with you today which is almost 30 minutes long (woo-hoo if you’ve been waiting for longer flows, and piece it together in spurts if you like the 10-minute ones).

In this flow you’ll hit all the regular requests from the workout crowd: build strength but also flexibility, work the core, and stretch the hips.

Of course, you don’t have to be a workout fiend like my friend to enjoy this flow. It’s more athletic, but I know you can do it – I offer modifications if you need to customize based on the day you’re having ūüôā

Also, this serves as a preview of sorts to the longer 20-30 minute(ish) flows that I’ll have coming at you soon in my new 30-day yoga program that’s currently in development!

Time to get moving!



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