The universe likes to inspire me for content. This is a great way to receive content ideas, except that it requires patience. I’ve been thinking about doing a yoga for knee pain video for a while, but wasn’t positive I even knew what to teach for this particular condition.

Anywho, within the last few weeks, I’ve seen private clients complaining of knee pain, met friends with bad knees, and even started suffering knee discomfort myself. So, I had to figure it out.

Why it’s hard to do yoga for knee pain

Our knees are tricky, complex structures that are influenced from a wide variety of our daily activities. Your feet and hips have huge sway over the health of your knees.

For example, if you carry more weight on the inside or the outside edge of your foot when you walk, then  this will affect how your knee tracks over your foot.

Have you ever seen somebody who has shoes that warp to match their weight distribution patterns? I remember having a teacher in high school who carried so much weight in the outside edges of his feet that his shoes actually changed shape and hung over the outside edge of the sole.

Most yoga poses involve some kind of knee use, and the more therapeutic or gentle poses often have people on their hands and knees, which can be insufferable for someone experiencing knee pain.

Train your happy, healthy knees

Knee pain is annoying. It affects almost everything we do since we use our knee joint to walk, sit, and stand.

Today, I’m sharing with you a new video with 4 exercises you can do to help prevent future knee issues, maintain the health of your knees,and even rehabilitate knee pain.

Healthy knees depend on healthy use of muscles in your feet, calves, hamstrings, quads, and hips. The exercises today include both weight and non-weight bearing exercises and are great for helping you isolate different muscles in your body.

Even if you aren’t experiencing any knee problems right now, I love the way the third exercise pumps blood into my legs and makes me feel.

Here’s to happy, healthy knees!