Get In Your Body To Increase Creativity, Release Pain and Feel Great: Part 2

 Part 1 of this series appeared on Original Impulse, a blog by writing coach, artist and speaker Cynthia Morris.

Sitting for hours at a computer has proven deadly. Not only is sitting boring, but research is now showing that sitting for long periods of time can take years off your life. The act of sitting almost immediately reduces your metabolic rate by reducing the electrical activity in your muscles; in turn insulin production decreases and the chance of developing diabetes or obesity increases, according to a New York Times article outlining recent research on inactivity.

To give your butt a break, try this quick yoga sequence meant to get you moving and stretch the muscles that naturally tighten when we sit.

Reversing the deadly effects of sitting

Practice suggestion: Practice this sequence at the end of a long day or seek refuge in an empty conference room for a quick 15-minute break at work.

Let me know what types of relaxation and/or movement practices work for you when you’re in need of creative reinvigoration!