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Create An Integrated Body Relationship

A client of mine had a breakthrough yesterday.

I was asking her to move her leg, ever so slightly, to affect a change in sensation. She tried unsuccessfully to move her leg by concentrating on the hamstrings and quadriceps. Since […]

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By |November 30th, 2016|yoga|0 Comments

A Different Yoga Practice

There’s something about going home for the holidays that makes it hard to keep up a personal yoga practice. Change sometimes calls for a different yoga practice.

The importance of a dedicated, or “sacred,” space to practice can’t be overstated […]

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By |November 29th, 2016|yoga|0 Comments

Release expectations

For a long time it was a running joke in my family that no matter your ailment yoga could help with that.

Over time everyone understood so it was no longer necessary to say it out loud.

Unfortunately yoga doesn’t help […]

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By |November 22nd, 2016|yoga|Comments Off on Release expectations

Book Review: Yoga Body

I recently finished reading Mark Singleton’s 2010 book project titled Yoga Body: The Origins of Modern Posture Practice. It’s an academic read but nonetheless a great resource for understanding how we got to the yoga practices that proliferate in […]

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By |November 21st, 2016|yoga|Comments Off on Book Review: Yoga Body

Trusting Synchronicity

Funny thing happened the other day that served as a great reminder to trust the synchronicity of the universe.

I’ve been thinking about running an Instagram Challenge for a few weeks now. A part of me was embarrassed to ask […]

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By |November 18th, 2016|life, yoga|Comments Off on Trusting Synchronicity


There’s been lots of talk these days about bubbles.

Not the liquid/air combinations that float away but the kinds we live in.

I myself have lived in my fair share of bubbles.

Frankly it’s shocking how many bubble dwellers are reacting incredulously […]

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By |November 17th, 2016|yoga|Comments Off on Bubbles

Time In the Present Moment

Time is a perception. Necessary for our daily functioning but culturally conditioned.

Germans, for example, are culturally known for being on time. Growing up in a German family, it was always impressed upon me that if you’re not 10 minutes […]

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By |November 16th, 2016|life, yoga|Comments Off on Time In the Present Moment

Play the Game

This is the nature of the game called life.

Good news! You’re always playing the game.

Fun, right?

You may like the game, not like the game, or not even realize you’re playing. Success in life depends on your ability to play the […]

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By |November 15th, 2016|life, Uncategorized, yoga|Comments Off on Play the Game

Full Moon Intentions

This morning was the Supermoon – the closest the moon has been to the Earth since the 1940’s. The next time the moon will be this close to the Earth will be in 2034.

If you weren’t able to see […]

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By |November 14th, 2016|yoga|Comments Off on Full Moon Intentions

What nature taught me

Nature has always been important; not until the past few years have I grown to understand how critical a role it’s played in my development as a human being.

I grew up on the shores of Lake Erie.

The gray skies […]

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By |November 11th, 2016|yoga|Comments Off on What nature taught me

Moving through the pain of half the US and most of the world

It rained yesterday morning.

Eventually the sun came out. Later in the afternoon it rained again. By evening the wind started. It was cold.

Around midday I went to the grocery store. Dark clouds built up over Washington DC and the […]

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By |November 10th, 2016|yoga|Comments Off on Moving through the pain of half the US and most of the world

It’s A Great Time To Be Light Workers

Today it’s all about me.

I hope it’s equally all about you too.

I had to sit down and write today before I did much of anything else. I woke up, read a few text messages that alerted me to the […]

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By |November 9th, 2016|yoga|Comments Off on It’s A Great Time To Be Light Workers