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5-minute Yoga Tune-Up

Sometimes, I just feel like moving. Most of those times the thought of getting up and moving is so daunting that I end up plastered to my seat in front of the computer allowing the thought to pleasantly float by as a part of me grasps for it to remain long enough for my body to take action.

Consider this 5-minute yoga tune-up video a reminder to bring that thought back to the front of your mind’s eye.

Sometimes all we have is 5 minutes. That’s no excuse to eat chocolate covered almonds when we could be moving our bodies, stretching our limbs and connecting with our breath instead.

Take what you’ve got and make it work. I guarantee you’ll feel better, in both body and mind, after you practice.

So go ahead. Scoot back, set up some space and do some yoga. It will only take 5 minutes.


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