Are there ever times when you feel really good about what you’re doing, only to feel like a wall of bricks ran you over several hours later?

It’s completely normal, by the way, to feel super confident one minute and super scared the next as our rational minds catch up with our heart’s deepest desires.

For example, I recently took a big leap of faith and decided to become a Pangea Organics Independent Beauty Ecologist. I did this because I deeply believe in Pangea Organics’ products, but also because I believe in the mission of the company and healthy beauty is an integral piece of the puzzle for my women who are looking to integrate health into their businesses and their lives. The position actually fit nicely into my current goals to help busy women relax and the thought of training others to build their own successful businesses, earn extra income and gain confidence in themselves is exciting to me.

After my 3-day honeymoon on the matter, my rational brain caught up and I got hit with that brick wall of doubt. It totally consumed me until I fell asleep and I can honestly say I felt like I made a huge mistake (and I hadn’t really even gotten started!). I had lost touch with my inner confidence and self-doubt was creeping in in a major way.

Third Chakra Energy

But let’s go back to that super confident feeling for a minute. I don’t know about you, but I thrive on those super confident moments. I feel good. And I distinctly feel that confidence in my belly. This is third chakra energy at work.

The third chakra is located in the solar plexus and deals with power, transformation and self-confidence. It’s a fiery little energy that when harnessed for good can be incredibly powerful and when harnessed for evil can be incredibly destructive.

As with any of the chakras though, we mustn’t look at it independently of the entire system. To really use the third chakra to your advantage, you must first set the tone by developing and toning strong first and second chakra energies. If you’re not grounded and safe, you won’t have the energy to come up with creative solutions and without a creative solution, there is nothing to be transformed! At the same time, without a clear direction for that transformation, voice or a strong plan, the transformation will stall.

Addressing The Self-Doubt

Now let’s go back and talk about how all of this sounds like a bunch of crap. You might be experiencing some self-doubt yourself about all this chakra nonsense.

I get it. The chakra system and all of energy medicine will arch some eyebrows and roll some eyes. I can’t say that I didn’t do that for the longest time too. But if you take all the fluff out of it and just look at this incredible seven step system in an objective way, it applies to almost any situation where a change needs to be made. You can apply it in life or business. The system is incredibly interconnected, just like the entire body. Few people succeed without all the elements in place in some way.

The 7-step Plan For Successful Transformation:

1. Safety

You have to feel financially, physically, mentally and emotionally safe first and foremost. Although many actions we take in life involve risk, there must be something in the background that helps us feel safe, whether it be the support of friends and family, a financial nest-egg or something else.

2. Creativity

There would be no such thing as innovation or forward progress if we didn’t tap into our creativity. And there would be no room for creativity if we didn’t feel safe and supported from Step 1. There must be some scaffolding of support for creativity to blossom, otherwise our energy will be completely focused on meeting our basic needs.

Creativity is a loaded word these days as so many people feel like you have to be an awesome artist, designer, or crazy craft aficionado to be considered “creative.” Everyone is creative in their own way – so be creative in defining creativity for you!

3. Confidence

When it comes to selling transformation, if you’re all wimpy about it, no one, including yourself, will believe in  you or what you have to show the world. Without confidence, your plans stall. And without the support from Step 1 and the creativity from Step 2, you’ll have nothing to feel confident about!

4. Love

This may be one of the most important aspects to the seven-step system and the one most often overlooked. Without love and compassion, we lose the support of others. Without others, our plans die. Our society today is and is always moving toward a collaborative environment where success on your own is near impossible without the help of others. From Hitler to the online marketer today, no one’s agenda progresses to epic success (or disaster) without the buy-in of others.

And of course, without confidence, you can’t love your Self. Without self-love, you can’t ask of it from others.

5. Expression

Once we muster the confidence and compassion, those two qualities must translate into our expression when we talk about our transformation in the world. This becomes the art of selling in a way that resonates with your people rather than annoys. I don’t know about you, but I feel so uncomfortable around others and myself when I’m timid or lacking the power of expression. I bet you agree that it sucks to be squashed. On the other hand, confident, compassionate, creative communication is contagious and sexy.

6. Intuition

It is at the sixth step where you start to receive feedback from the fruits of your actions. It is here where you process, ideally from an intuitive perspective, how things are going in your transformation expedition. Many of us feel cut off from our intuitive abilities and must be re-taught how to access the senses and the sensations of the body. I will tell you that as recently as six months ago I would have told you that I’m the least intuitive person around. It’s amazing what we have waiting for us and available for use when we actually open our  eyes (that good ol’ third eye) to reality and swat away the disses – disillusion and disbelief.

When we start to make intuitive decisions, our transformations really start to slide into place.

7. Wisdom

Finally, we reach the end of the cycle. Just like any good experiment, it’s time to take a good hard look at what we’ve learned, integrate what works, throw away the rest and move on. If we feel like sharing our wisdom, that’s a great way to fully express our transformation in the world and be of service to others. To do this effectively, we must have every step of the system working underneath us.

And then the cycle starts all over again.

So there you have it, an objective seven-step plan for transforming anything in the world, be it your relationships, your business, your life based on the chakra system, minus (mostly) the fluff.

Your Weekly Wellness Wednesday Video

Because this is Wellness Wednesday and this whole conversation started about confidence, here are some exercises you can do to build your confidence and ignite the fire in your solar plexus.

What makes you feel confident? Let me know in the comments below? 

Image credit: AMUNNA