Happy tax day! Also, Happy Birthday to my grandmother, who is celebrating her 94th birthday.

Almost all of my clients have said the same thing to me over the course of our work together. Maybe you say this to yourself as well.

“If only I could figure out how to fit in some type of yoga stretches every day, then everything would be good.”

Knowing what to do is half the battle, showing up every day is the other half

As per usual, it’s not that we don’t know we should do it, but it is a combination of time and not knowing what to do that holds us back from creating a consistent yoga stretching routine.

In fact, one of my clients decided she needed to start seeing me two times a week because when we met just once a week she felt like she was untangling all the tightness that had built up over the course of the last week for the first half of every session.

Healthy Habit Tip #10: Start Small

Earlier this year I broke down the components of building a healthy habit. My hope is that with these videos, I’m able to share with you short practices and single stretches that you can mix and match as you start to create your own daily stretching habit.

If you’re able to make it to a yoga class once or twice a week, that will give you a full body stretch, but when you’re short on time, you’re traveling, or you owe the government hundreds or even thousands of dollars in taxes and you don’t have any money left over to go to yoga, then turn to my videos to help you out and keep you feeling healthy and well.

The Big Hip Stretch

Today’s video is one stretch, but it’s a doozy. We work back into the hips today, since almost all of my clients also struggle with uber tight hips.

You’ll need a wall for this one and before you get too scared to do it, know that this stretch falls into the category of “it hurts so good.”

In fact, if you’ve practiced with me before, you’ve probably done a variation of this stretch before in a different position.

Today is all about Figure 4 on the wall and I promise that if you stay here and breathe for even just one minute on each side, you’ll feel more open and free in your hips.