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How to do a Handstand

handstandToday is the day we’re going to practice handstands. Before you run away, I beg you to stick with me here.

When I would say we’re going to practice handstands in my classes, most people rolled their eyes, moaned, groaned and gave all manner of excuses. And yet, they drug their mats to the wall and every once in a while they surprised themselves.

Handstands are definitely hard, and they can also be frustrating – but only if you set unrealistic expectations.

The Beauty of the Handstand

The beauty of a handstand is that it’s truly a pose to master over a long period of time. Unless you’re a freak of nature or a retired gymnast, you probably won’t get yourself up into a handstand today, even after watching my video. That’s a realistic expectation.

Some teachers teach handstand with an extra dose of optimism in hopes that this will zero out the sheer amount of strength and willpower and grace it takes to actually stick a handstand. While having a positive attitude and energy helps, it’s simply not enough to get you floating off the ground and standing on your hands for more than a couple seconds.

Why Planks and Mountain Pose Matter

The way I teach a handstand is the way I’ve been taught over the years – and that is from the foundation up. The reason I like teaching this way is because it allows room for everyone to practice no matter where you are. You might practice plank for the next 15 minutes. You might practice hopping. Or perhaps, you’ll just watch.

But no matter where you are, the fact of the matter remains – you MUST be STRONG to practice a handstand. I know each of you can do it. Maybe not today, but with the tips and guidance provided in this video, you can do it over time. You can build the strength required just like anyone else. You just have to want to do it.

Which brings us to a great question:

Why Would Anyone Want to do a Handstand?

Here’s my reasons:

  • Being able to practice a handstand requires an enormous amount of strength
  • And yet, when you’re in the air, you feel weightless
  • It’s a challenge
  • It’s all about balancing strength and grace, a practice needed in all aspects of our life, not just standing on our hands
  • It’s all about keeping a lighthearted attitude
  • It’s fun
  • It shifts your perspective
  • It gives you super energy
  • It’s a good workout
  • It’s a fun party trick

Handstands are more than just a pose. It’s a journey, a story, a challenge, and an adventure.

Are you ready? Click below to see how to do a handstand the right way!

Let me know how your practice goes in the comments below!


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