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“After working with Ashley, I’m able to see things a little more clearly and I feel like yoga movements are an absolute for my daily routine. The one-on-one experience offered me a depth of understanding that I had not obtained in group yoga classes before.”

Sandra D.

Ashley taught me a precise breathing exercise in our first session that instantly calms me down. I now also have the tools to help stretch and strengthen my muscles to keep me out of a cycle of pain. I have more control now. I do not feel hopeless.

Sara W.

After working with Ashley for just four weeks, I have more flexibility in my spine and hips, and have strengthened my core muscles. The pain I have experienced in my neck and lower back is almost gone. I have learned healthier ways to sit, stand, and move my body.

As a result of my private lessons with Ashley, I have been able to learn yoga poses in a way that is safe and healthy for my back and body. After each yoga lesson, I feel calm, centered, relaxed, nurtured, and energized.

Benta S.

I feel grounded in a way that I have never felt before, and I am sure that I am less likely to fall since working with Ashley. I have hope that I can remain active and free of the injuries that have previously been brought on by maladaptive ways of using my body. Ashley just makes so much sense. I love the fact that she is happy to explain exactly what she is doing and why, so that I can use my brain to help my body!

Alice S.

I love working with Ashley. She has a great personality and is very quick to respond with how we can modify poses to work for me.

Bridget S.

I feel like a better person when I leave Ashley’s classes.

Anna K.

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