Today it’s all about me.

I hope it’s equally all about you too.

I had to sit down and write today before I did much of anything else. I woke up, read a few text messages that alerted me to the fact that Donald Trump had been elected the next president of the United States, verified that information on the front page of the Washington Post, opened up Instagram to see how people were reacting, quickly closed it down and sat in bed thinking. Then I talked to my husband on the phone, did my yoga practice, took my dog on a walk, ate breakfast, and now I’m writing.

I want to read the news, but I can’t read the news. At least not before I write because it’s very important to me that I write through my own experience before I become influenced by others’ experiences and thoughts.

There is so much to say, but what I have to say doesn’t really matter.

How are you feeling?

What matters is acknowledging how I feel.

It’s not even about the emotions because emotions can be hard to put into words.

When this happens the body guides us.

Last night I did a gratitude practice where I felt so incredibly light and full of possibility. I wrote in my journal “tomorrow I want to feel content.” I did that intentionally.

During my practice this morning I found it particularly difficult to breathe. It was hard to take deep full breaths and receive air. It was next to impossible to hold my breath at the top of my inhale. I felt more slouched then normal in my morning meditation, and as a result the back of my shoulders ached. My heart feels heavy.

Today, I work toward feeling content with what is, despite the fact that what is is less then ideal from my personal perspective.

This is where the yoga really begins.

Light workers unite

I am grateful today that I can consider myself a light worker. The path ahead for me will be difficult. But I understand that it is more important then ever to share the tools of yoga with the world. To shine light on the divine light that lives within all of us.

From divisiveness and hatred there can also be contentment and joy.

There are infinite possibilities.

We can choose to get on the surfboard and ride the waves or stay on the beach. Sometimes, the beach sounds pretty awesome (today, in particular). But we get nowhere when we sit on the beach except ingrained in our existing ways.

Hold on to all the possibilities as we take this ride through history.

What you can do

  • Feel everything happening in your body.
  • Express appropriately your anger, frustrations, sadness, despair through conversations with friends, journaling, art.
  • Do not repress.
  • Now, more then ever it is so important that you take time for your Self.
  • Feel for yourself, not what everyone else is feeling.
  • Understand and acknowledge who you are, what matters to you, what is meaningful to you, and what makes it worth it to you to get in the ocean and ride the waves.
  • Be true to You.

It worked for the Donald.