Funny thing happened the other day that served as a great reminder to trust the synchronicity of the universe.

I’ve been thinking about running an Instagram Challenge for a few weeks now. A part of me was embarrassed to ask my friends to join me in hosting this challenge — I still can’t fully embrace Instagram as a legitimate tool for connecting. The universe gently nudged me to re-examine my insecurities.

Two people immediately came to mind to help me host this challenge. One is a friend from Colorado who now owns her own yoga events business. We lost touch for a long while but recently reconnected.

My other friend is someone I met in Ohio who moved to Hawaii a couple years ago. I thought it would be fun to represent a large swath of the US between the three of us (minus the continental West Coast, but they’re already oversaturated with yoga anyway!).

After somewhat sheepishly sending a quick note to each friend individually asking if they’d be interested in joining forces, and getting excited responses back, I introduced the two of them virtually. Apparently, they had already been planning to connect (haven’t gotten the full story yet) via another mutual friend (who I don’t know…yet) and I brought their circle of orbit, well, full circle.

You might say it sounds like destiny that we were meant to come together and experiment with something fun. If I had let my doubts get the better of me, I never would have made the introductions.


The universe has a funny way of communicating with us. If we’re not open and clear to receiving her messages we may very well miss them all together. Synchronicity is easy to shrug off as coincidence, but I believe there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason.

Stay open to receiving the universe’s synchronous tendencies. She may introduce you to someone you’ve been wanting to meet, tell you something you need to know, or help you find something you’ve been looking for. If you choose not to listen, your life stays the same. If you choose to open your eyes and ears, you create the potential for transformation.