This is the nature of the game called life.

Good news! You’re always playing the game.

Fun, right?

You may like the game, not like the game, or not even realize you’re playing. Success in life depends on your ability to play the game.

There are many games being played at once. Life is the macrocosmic game board upon which all these little microcosmic games are played.

You do not have to go through life playing the same game over and over again. In every  moment you can choose to play a different game. Sometimes you can even create a new game and invite others to play. Whether or not others are interested in playing your game is the first round.

Over time, the rules of games change because the people playing the games change. It’s like house rules in college beer pong. It’s always the same premise but different people have different opinions on how the game works.

The Rules of The Game

Yoga teaches us first how to recognize the game we’re playing. Until we can become aware of the rules of the game, there is nothing we can do to affect our status in that game.

Once you understand the rules of the game you have to make really big strategic choices. This involves asking a series of questions.

  • Do you like the rules of the game?
  • Even if you don’t like the rules, are you willing to still play by the rules?
  • What are you sacrificing to play by the rules?
  • Is there a different game you want to play?
  • What would happen if you break the rules or make new ones?

Now, you make your move. As science tells us, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It’s unwise to expect that your move won’t result in a reaction. It’s also likely the reaction will be strong if you start making new rules and playing new games. Be ready.

When a new game is created, it takes a while for other people to get on board. And it’s very important that other people start playing. One- or two- or even three-person games are never as fun and affirming as 4- and 5- and 10- person games.

Games end

Eventually the game will end. Even Lamb Chop stopped singing. Because it’s a game, and hopefully many people are playing, someone will win and someone will lose. That’s the nature of games. It’s okay if you lose. It’s okay if you win. Doesn’t matter either way.

What matters is that you understand that it’s a game, you can choose to play again tomorrow or pick a new game entirely. What you learned from the last game will help you in the next game.

If you refuse to learn you’ll never get past level 1.

Which is fine for some people. The fire-breathing dragon in level 3 is atrocious. You can’t expect to progress and not be met with more and more difficult challenges.

Be ready.

How do you get ready?

Yoga can help with that.