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Chakra One

Blog Post: 5 Yoga Poses to Balance Your First Chakra
Base of the spine
Color: Red
Theme: Grounding, Survival, Basic Needs
Yoga Style: Hatha, standing and seated poses

Chakra Two

Blog Post: How To Flow With Your Second Chakra
Location: Hips & sexual organs
Color: Orange
Theme: Flow, creativity, sexuality
Yoga Style: Vinyasa, hip openers

Chakra Three

Blog post: 7 Steps to Transforming Anything in Your Life or Business
Solar Plexus (belly up to the rib cage)
Color: Yellow
Theme: Willpower, action
Yoga Style: Power Yoga, core

Chakra Four

Blog post: Why Fourth Chakra Love is Better
Color: Green
Theme: Love, Compassion
Yoga Style: Anusara, Heart Openers

Chakra Five

Blog post: Why You Must Take Care of Your Throat to Live a Healthy, Happy Life
Color: Blue
Theme: Speaking your truth, communication
Yoga Style: Bhakti, mantra, chanting, throat openers

Chakra Six

Blog post: Why We Need a Third Eye
Third Eye
Color: Indigo/Purple
Theme: Seeing your truth
Yoga Style: Meditation, visualization

Chakra Seven

Blog post: Why You Can’t Meditate
Crown of the head
Color: Violet or sometimes white
Theme: Thoughts and knowing your truth
Yoga Style: Yoga nidra, meditation